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Whether you are a skeptic or believer, you have to admit Bigfoot is a timelessly fascinating subject, a mythical monster that has captivated millions around the globe for more than a century, and much longer if you consider native American and pre-historic hieroglyphs depicting the beast.


And nobody knows more about Bigfoot, real and imagined, than Tom Biscardi. I began working with Tom more than five years ago when he was drawn into the 2008 Bigfoot Hoax that became one of the largest media sensations ever to occur. The hype surrounding the purported “find” of an actual Bigfoot body was so intense that the websites of nearly every major news source – CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and others - crashed as the public was held in rapt attention awaiting release of the first real photos of the beast.


Well, that didn’t happen, and while the hoax sunk the hopes of millions of Bigfoot enthusiasts once again, the set-back was an inspiration for Tom Biscardi. Biscardi has been hunting Bigfoot for more than 40 years, and he’s seen it all twice when it comes to hoaxes, so when this discovery proved false, Biscardi did what he always does – finds the best of a situation and somehow, turns it into entertainment. And he’s been able to do that time and again for one reason – passion.


In addition to his inexhaustible energy in the search for Bigfoot, Biscardi is also a prolific documentarian, producing and directing six films on the subject, each highly entertaining, informative and, best-sellers. He’s not always had the biggest budgets, most reliable crews, accessible locations or subjects to interview, but throughout the production of each of the films, Biscardi has called upon his incredible passion to get the job done. That passion has led to his position as the foremost Bigfoot authority in the world, and to his position as the best and most productive Bigfoot documentarian in the world.


To those who have met Biscardi, you’ll understand when I say he is the one person that I decided I liked faster than anyone else I have ever met. And again, that is due to his passion. It seeps out in everything he does, and it’s good fun to be around him. Whether talking Bigfoot, making movies, describing a search or even ordering and eating lunch in his “hood” (San Francisco and points North), Biscardi takes every moment and breathes life and yes, passion, into it.


So, in following that passion, nobody tells the story better than Biscardi himself. The “My Life: My Words” story appeared in a recent issue of the prestigious Gentry Magazine, which covers “notable people, elegant style, and good taste.” Tom Biscardi delivers on all three – he is, the real deal.


Tom Biscardi  and the Bigfoot Lives team


From Gentry Magazine
My Life: My Words - Tom Biscardi, CEO, Searching for Bigfoot, Inc.
To all those people who don’t believe in Bigfoot, I have two things to say: Come out with me when I’m on expedition and you will become a believer real quick, number one. Number two: How can you explain the fact that this very minute, someone is seeing one of these creatures in Tibet, in Washington, D.C., or in Alaska? When I first started out, I was the biggest doubting Thomas in the world. Then when I found out for myself that these things do exist, I just had to take the next step and bring one of them back and prove it to mainstream America.


Some people in our community think that they travel in and out of our dimension through time portals and/or that they were the product of a government experiment gone awry and the U.S. government is covering up the truth. But that’s not what I think. I’ve had six encounters in my tenure doing this, so I know they exist.


Bigfoot is not limited to North America. All these sightings are intertwined. Bigfoot or Sasquatch in North America. The Yeti in Tibet. The Red Beast in China. They just have different names, that’s all. Remember that there is a land bridge linking Siberia to the Yukon, okay? These creatures migrate, just like all other animals in the world. They go north to south and south to north. In fact, the reason we were in Florida recently is because we were honing in on this migrational trail.


They are intelligent beyond compare. These creatures have eluded man for an excess of 500 years that we know. Now, are they timid? Of course they’re timid. The young ones especially. They’ve never seen us or heard of us. Should we fear them? Let me tell you this: Darn straight we should fear them, especially if it’s a female harboring her young. And if there is an alpha male around, look out, ’cause there’s gonna be trouble.


We’ve got DNA samples and hair samples, too. As a matter of fact, I’ve been working on this one particular case for over a year, and it has something to do with a government cover-up. I interviewed a guy in Arkansas and he and his dad were abducted by the “men in black” and beaten for five days because they had killed one of these creatures. I’ve got the whole interview on film and I’ve got a signed testimonial. It all happened because they killed one of these hybrids that our government was experimenting with at a plant in Strickler, Arkansas. These guys finally came forward. They couldn’t harbor it any longer and they asked me if I could help them. They were worried if they came forward that they would be killed. And I have the documentation that states these people would be exterminated if they didn’t shut their mouths.


They are finally coming forth, though, after 15 months, and we’re going to be exposing this story. I’ve got a picture of the dead creature with these guys standing over it with guns. They’ve given me the hair samples that they plucked off the thing. I just got through dealing with UC Davis and they’re going to be doing the DNA testing on this. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the carcass myself because they burned the body in order to avoid the possibility of being prosecuted for killing a human hybrid. If the test results say that the DNA is from an unknown primate, I’m going to release the story. It’s going to blow the world’s mind.


We just released “Bigfoot Lives 3” on DVD a couple of weeks ago and we can’t keep enough in stock. They are selling like hotcakes. I am working on an Imax movie, too, though. It’s called “Bigfoot 3-D” and it’s going to be released in 2013. It’s primarily the story of my life as “The Real Bigfoot Hunter.” But while all of this is going on, I’m ready. When I finally find a living Bigfoot, I’ve got a sanctuary, a domain set up whose location I can’t disclose. It’s a 2,000-square-foot facility. The creature would be tested for the first 90 days by our academics in the scientific world. I’ve got crews that I’ve been in contact with over the years that would do this study. Then, they would put an electronic collar on it, or embed a chip in it, and we’d take it back to the same area where we captured it to see what it would do. And then the world would finally see . . . Bigfoot lives!