quoteMark, and everyone at Bosko Group, has made VOD deal seamless and exciting. By first choosing films that are both entertaining and important, Mark then finds a route to broad audiences that deliver viewers and revenue to the indie filmmaker. He is a vital link in the distribution chain." Justin Hunt, producer/director, American Meth

quoteWorking with the Bosko Group is an excellent way for independent filmmakers to get their movies seen. Mark Bosko secured broad scale releases in both the VOD and DVD platforms, giving us access to retail, rental and VOD distribution, making Cowboy Killer available to millions of potential viewers." Jason Baustin, producer/screenwriter, Cowboy Killer

quoteI can't express in words how exciting it is to have my film released on VOD to more than 15 million viewers. It's like seeing your name in lights on a huge marquee outside a famous theatre. Mark Bosko made this happen." Steve Palotta, producer/director, Circle Track Summer

quoteMark has been extremely helpful through this whole process. Bosko Group provided the link we needed to secure a valuable and large- scale distribution opportunity. Thanks to them, our film is now widely available to a broad and diverse audience." Scott Yamano, producer, Chandler Hall

quoteWe're so proud to have released our first feature film with Bosko Group. Their access to TV and online VOD platforms have given our little movie opportunities beyond what we could have ever imagined. Mark knows how to make sure our title reaches its maximum potential and he has worked closely with us to bring our film to the right target audience." Anthony G. Sumner & Eric Richter, director/producers, Slices of Life

quoteFinding an outlet for an independent feature film is often more than half the battle. Mark Bosko brought my indie reality-feature to an audience I certainly could not have on my own. As an On-Demand cable, satellite and digitally-available film, my movie ran successfully for nearly a year, making it available to millions of customers. When my next feature film is completed, I will certainly be contacting Bosko Group for representation." T. Michael Conway, writer/producer/director, June 9

quoteThe first rule of the film business is to respect the money. Every filmmaker deserves a chance to earn a return on their investment, and enjoy the fruits of their hard work, and the benefit of a hard working rep like Bosko Group makes success possible. Mark quarterbacked the initial run of my film on VOD, and successfully pitched my film to Netflix as well. He has done a strong job in terms of maintaining consistent contact with me, furnishing royalty reports, and collecting residuals on my behalf. My experience with him has been a positive one, and I would encourage other hungry young film directors to allow Mark to represent their work." Gregory Caiafa, director, Intruder

quoteWhen Mark contacted me about distributing my independent feature through VOD, I was naturally a bit skeptical. However, the terms were very reasonable, and after many false promises by other distributors, I decided to go with the Bosko Group. My film, Sex Drugs & Stu, soon got the exposure that it deserved and continues to bring in residuals which exceeded my expectations. I am working on my second feature currently and will definitely work with Mark again." Jon Louis, producer/director, Sex, Drugs and Stu

quoteMark brings a wealth of experience to any company savvy enough to retain his services. Having been on both side of the table, he understands the 'give and take' aspects of negotiation as well as anyone in our business. Consequently, his clients can rest easy, knowing they are well represented by a seasoned veteran." Frank Fox, Producer, Side Sho

quoteMark Bosko helps level the playing field for independent filmmakers. His services go beyond the distribution process. In addition to finding and securing deals, he is also able to generate valuable exposure for our films. It has been a benefit to work with Mark." Sid Kali, Director, Consignment